Event Overview:

Obesity and overweight rates have doubled since 1980 and are estimated to cost public healthcare systems more than 1.75 trillion euros per year around the world – about 3% of global GDP. A hefty cost.

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates 30% of the world’s population is obese or overweight – bloating to 50% by 2030. Obesity accounts for 5% of all deaths.
For many governments the personal, societal and economic costs have spurred action in the form of education campaigns, marketing and formulation controls and even taxation of foodstuffs or ingredients cast as culprits in the battle against obesity and overweight.

Food and nutrition players have also acted independently to make healthier food choices easier with reformulation and marketing initiatives of their own, but remain in the firing line from consumer groups, academics and NGOs for not doing enough. But is the food industry unfairly blamed for the bad food and nutrition choices of consumers who have more healthy eating information to hand than ever before?
Can technology and scientific know-how deliver solutions not previously available?

Is the weight management category delivering on its promise – at least for sections of the population?
Are regulations sometimes counter-productive? Do calorie-restricted diets work? Are salt, fat and sugar unfairly demonised? Are they really addictive? Can protein save the day?

These questions will be put to key players in the food and obesity landscape and all will be addressed at Obesity & Weight Management 2016 brought to you by FoodNavigator and NutraIngredients.

Who should attend?

This online event is a must for food, drink and supplement manufacturers, research scientists, regulators, ingredient suppliers, formulators, marketing directors, business development directors and company chiefs to discuss a complex market, its regulatory pressures and outstanding innovations in food, beverages and food supplements.

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Andrew Shao, Ph.D: Vice President, Global Nutrition Policy at Herbalife
Carrie Ruxton: Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant at Nutrition Communications
Christopher Snowdon:Director of lifestyle economics at Institute of Economic Affairs
Greg Paul, PhD, MBA: Marketing Director, Global Consumer Segments at DuPont Nutrition & Health
Malcolm Clark: Co-ordinator at The Children’s Food Campaign
Niamh Michail: Reporter at FoodNavigator
Pauline Castres: Food Policy Officer at BEUC
Sabrina Marnet: Product Manager at Cosucra
Shane Starling: Senior Editor at NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator
Tim Rycroft: Director of Corporate Affairs at Food and Drink Federation