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Can sugar taxes help beat the globesity bulge?

France’s sugar tax has been in place for years, Mexico’s is in full swing and Britain’s is on its way.

As the obesity crisis spreads rapidly across the globe, taxes are touted one of the methods that could fight it.  But do they actually work?

Do they incentivise reformulation or does industry simply pass on the extra cost to the consumer? And if that’s the case, do consumers then buy less because of the higher price – or does it just leave people out of pocket?


A Case Study in Using Health & Wellness Segmentation to Grow Your Business

Data collected from more than 14,000 consumers in 22 countries forms the basis of a recent insight-driven research project from DuPont Nutrition & Health, designed to help food and beverage manufacturers develop and market products in the health and wellness area.

Learning the demands of the various health & wellness segments is critical to understanding what motivates food purchase behavior. Join DuPont Nutrition & Health’s Greg Paul as he discusses the results of this global segmentation research and reveals the consumer segments you need to know. We will run through a case study to bring the results to life and make it tangible for attendees.

This proprietary research will aid food and beverage manufacturers to determine the motivations, needs, concerns, and behaviors of various consumer groups in today’s evolving market.

  • Greg Paul PhD MBA
  • Greg Paul PhD MBA
  • Marketing Director, Global Consumer Segments
  • DuPont Nutrition & Health
  • LinkedIn Greg Paul PhD MBA


Benefits of pea protein & inulin for weight management

Around 70% of consumers are looking for solutions to lose or maintain their weight. In parallel, typical diet meals are losing appeal and weight management products are evolving. More than ever proteins – vegetable proteins in particular – and fibre are becoming key ingredients for managing one weight in a healthy and tasty way.
To hear more about actual weight management trends and how two specific ingredients, Pisane® pea protein isolate and Fibruline® chicory root fiber, can help you develop new trendy recipes, then join us during our webinar!


Roundtable discussion: A lighter world: whose fault is globesity and what is being done to combat it?

Many fingers have been pointed from lazy consumers to greedy food companies to inept governments but it has done little to solve the problem – obesity and overweight rates continue to rise.
In this keynote roundtable we bring consumer, industry and academic voices together to better understand the scale of the problem, and consider ways to tackle a genuine global public health crisis.

  • Carrie Ruxton
  • Carrie Ruxton
  • Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant
  • Nutrition Communications
  • LinkedIn Carrie Ruxton
  • Shane Starling
  • Shane Starling
  • Senior Editor
  • NutraIngredients, FoodNavigator & FoodNavigator-Asia
  • LinkedIn Shane Starling
  • Tim Rycroft
  • Tim Rycroft
  • Director of Corporate Affairs
  • Food and Drink Federation
  • LinkedIn Tim Rycroft